Platinum Program

Elite Platinum Program – $69,000 (minus a $1,000 Hotel Credit)
(a $185,000 value)

Our Elite Platinum Program is designed and tailored for the entrepreneur who wants to launch a digital marketing agency and command the very best strategic tools to maximize success at a fraction of the true market value for the services offered.

The marketing that is included in this package would be $185,000 if priced al a carte. Built with components of constant clients provided month after month and life time marketing and services this package launches your new business off the ground like a rocket ship.

About 50% of our graduates choose this package as most know the value of marketing that this package offers at a fraction of the market price.

Dwayne Had No Experience Prior To Training

Dwayne Made $75,000 in His First 6 Months

Elite Platinum Program features and the increases in program values and services from our Gold Program are highlighted below in blue.

Intensive 5-day Training

Fly out to our corporate offices and jump into an intensive 5-day training course. Our professional team of diverse experts will teach you everything there is to know about owning and operating a successful digital marketing agency. You’ll gain a deep understanding of the digital marketing landscape, how to sell services and attract clients.

Lifetime One-On-One Live Support, and Continuing Education

As part of your continuing education at DMTG, we offer one-on-one live support and training to ensure your business stays abreast of industry standards and innovations. Whether it’s your first week in business or three years down the road, we’ll be there to guide and advise, as needs evolve. Our trainers and founders are a phone call, email, or video chat away—eager to and assist in your success. A dedicated member of our team will stick with you for the lifetime of your business. In addition, we’ll continue to advance your training at no additional cost, via distance learning formats, allowing you to gain additional skills from the comfort of your home. The digital marketing arena is an ever-changing industry, and DMTG works day and night to keep the curriculum updated with the latest standards and strategies. As a DMTG entrepreneur, your success is our success.

We Are The Only Digital Marketing Training Program That Offers Financing — For Your Clients

Financing Option Available to U.S. Attendees Only

As an new agency owner after training, you be able to offer world-class marketing services, but you’ll also be able to combat a common objection to expert marketing services — budget issues. How? We are the only digital marketing training company that will also help your clients FINANCE their marketing.

As a Platinum Package Attendee, you’ll earn a higher commission on offering financing AND the financing will be private labeled to appear as if it is coming directly from YOUR company as opposed to the financing coming from our preferred lender — giving you and your agency even more clout.

A Marketing Power Package

You’ll leave with a comprehensive understanding of how to launch and grow a sustainable digital marketing agency. Topics, such as SEO or search engine marketing, PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising, Print or Publication marketing, Social Media Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, and Networking and Setting Up Referral Partnerships will be covered in-depth. Included in your investment are branding and development services which DMTG will execute on your behalf.

Professional Web site – a $10,000 or more Value

We’ll build a custom web site, tailored to your taste—including a content management system highlighting your brand and services. This professionally branded site will attract customers for years to come. We’ll even throw in a year of hosting for free. The upgrade in this featured product is that your site will be built and customized with an SEO campaign in mind. This means that we will be implementing SEO optimization components, such as meta descriptions, title tags and performing keyword research.

Proactive Website Maintenance (For The Life Of Your Business)

We find that the most successful websites out on the internet are the ones that have the most proactive maintenance. We’ve seen websites succeed with just a few simple tweaks and adjustments and we’ve seen websites fail because they are static and issues arise with broken links and dated content. We have worked very hard to develop a system that will allow this not to happen, you simply work with our marketing team and we help update your site. With this maintenance package we make sure that the basics are covered for you when you need things to be done, whether its adding/editing pages, designing new graphics, fixing errors or creating new features, we can implement any types of website changes you need.

Aggressive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Campaign (First 12 Months Of Your Business – $60,000 Value)

This is how people will find you when searching the web. We will work with you to develop a customized SEO campaign that will be tailored around the search terms and keywords you want your website to rank on. This way you will have people coming to your website on a daily basis searching for exactly what you can provide. There are many components that go into an SEO campaign that our team will be doing for one year, including, but not limited to: Optimizing Keywords, Increasing Content Output and Optimizing Content, Link-Building, Social Media, and much more.

Lead Generation – Get Potential Clients to Contact YOU for the First 12 Months You’re In Business

Finding prospects who are interested in your agency’s services, will be the key to a successful launch. As soon as your training is complete, our internal marketing team will begin generating exclusive leads for you. During your first 12 months of business, we’ll send 7-25 leads (per month) your way (and if after 12 months you want us to keep going, let’s talk about it!). For many graduates, these leads convert to clients who stick with them for the long haul. The leads will be generated in real time and will remain exclusive to you—they will not be resold to anyone else. This will allow you to start talking to clients immediately so you can issue proposals right after training.

Pre-identified Clients Who Need Your Services for the First 12 Months

Our Lead Intelligence Team (LIT) will research and generate pre-identified clients who desperately need your services and arm you with powerful pitches and proposals to take home and start generating business immediately.

As a Platinum Program attendee, we’ll provide you with 5 pre-identified local/regional potential clients by way of a marketing audit and report. Then, each month, for the next year, we’ll provide you with a monthly set of 5 more.

Your Own CRM & Marketing Automation Suite for the Life of Your Business

The client management, sales, and prospecting dashboard is a necessary tool box that simplifies and streamlines many of the tasks required to get new clients into your sales pipeline.

While complex behind the scenes, the simple dashboard takes the guess-work out of prospecting clients that desperately need your services, while automating the process of contacting and nurturing those potential leads; plus, you’ll have a custom CRM to keep all prospects and current clients organized and happy.

As a Platinum Program attendee, you’ll have access to the suite of powerful tools for the life of your business; whereas Gold Program attendees get free access for only the first 12 months.

Social Media Marketing and Management for the Life of Your Business

Social media is the new word of mouth, but with greater reach and larger impact. Bottom line—all digital marketing agencies need an active presence on the popular platforms, if they want to remain competitive. That’s why we’ll launch branded Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, and maintain them on your behalf for the life of your business.  Our consistent posts will help you connect with other businesses, build followers and draw new customers.

Content Marketing for the Life of Your Business

Our team of writers will develop and write one content article per month that will be optimized and shared to your professional site and social media channels. We’ll keep this up for the life of your business.  — building in an enviable online identity for your brand.

Email Marketing for the Life of Your Business

Email marketing is one of the best ways to keep your brand fresh in the minds of past and potential clients. The Digital Marketing Training Group will take care of this completely, for the life of your business.  . We’ll craft the content and strategically send to your contacts, no matter how large your list may grow over time. We’ll also do email blasts to keep your services at the forefront of your target audience, to help convert them into leads.

Linkedin Local Referral Networking Service (First 12 Months)

DMTG will either create or take control over a Platinum Attendee’s personal Linkedin account and go out on the graduate’s behalf and connect with pre-identified individuals in the Trainee’s local/regional area with whom to establish a referral relationship.

5,000 Direct Mail Leads

We’ll grant you access to the world’s largest database of businesses, and show you how to focus on hyper-specific criteria to pinpoint your ideal direct mail audience.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool to help you identify keywords, referral sources, site traffic, campaign performance and more. We’ll set up your account with conversion and goal tracking metrics—so you can keep track of your site’s performance from day one.

The Secret to Growth and Expansion

We’ll explain, in detail, how to grow your company and add a sales team when the time is right—all while maintaining a low overhead. Topics covered include: where to find independent sales professionals, how to vet and train new hires, compensation levels, legal agreements and team management. You’ll leave with a proprietary blueprint of how to grow your new business.

Detailed Training and Reference Manual

You’ll leave your 5-day intensive with an easy to navigate guide covering all topics discussed, including detailed pricing models, sales tactics and an overview of the services you can offer. It’s the perfect reference tool anytime you need a quick refresh.

Luxury Lodging

Enjoy our discounted corporate rate at Hilton Albany ($1000 Credit).

We give you a $1000 credit towards your hotel stay. When you get here, you will stay at one of Albany’s finest hotels, the Hotel Albany (A Hilton Brand), conveniently located downtown across the street from our corporate offices and training facility. After training, feel free to relax and enjoy what New York’s Capital District has to offer. We highly recommend this hotel as it is located right across from our building.

An Extensive Information Library

You will have unlimited access to our cloud based system that houses all the important documents needed to run a digital marketing business. You’ll find proposal templates and countless marketing materials—all guaranteed to save you precious time.

A Cache of Time-Tested Legal Documents

We know that there’s nothing more important than your safety and the safety of your business. That’s why we provide the necessary legal documents specifically tailored to the digital marketing business, including, Client Fee Agreements, Referral Agreements, Non-Compete Agreements, Non-Circumvent Agreements, Independent Contractor Agreements and Employee Agreements. You can rest easy knowing that all documents have been vetted in advance in a courts of law.