Your Investment

Learn More About Our Program Features And Benefits

Our digital marketing programs will allow you to own your own digital marketing agency. There is a one-time fee of $27,000 (minus $1,000 hotel credit) for our Signature Gold Program or $69,000 (minus $1,000 hotel credit) for our Platinum Elite Program.

Both programs include our 5-day comprehensive digital marketing training program, but will differ on the level of marketing that we provide for your business. You will even be able to bring an extra person with you to our one-of- a-kind digital marketing training program for no additional fee. Unlike a franchise, there are no recurring royalty or commission fees deducted from your earnings. Your commissions are yours to keep.

Our continued support and education does not stop after you leave our training program. We are always introducing new products and educating you after you leave, and it is part of our mission to keep our graduates ahead of any changes and standards in the industry. The Digital Marketing Training Group is always at the forefront of digital marketing and continuously educating all our graduates of our program.

Leave Training with Pre-identified Leads Who Need Your Services

That’s right. Our Lead Intelligence Team (LIT) will research and generate pre-identified leads who desperately need your services and arm you with powerful pitches and proposals to take home and start generating business immediately.

Before you get to our training program, we will already know who your first clients may potentially be. And, we’ll show you how much profit to expect from each and the strategies to pitch them — all before your 5-day training ends. Learn more about this unique (and included) service today!

Your Own CRM & Marketing Automation Dashboard

Best-in-class Toolbox Included With Both of Our Training Packages:

The client management, sales, and prospecting dashboard is a necessary tool box that simplifies and streamlines many of the tasks required to get new clients into your sales pipeline.

While complex behind the scenes, the simple dashboard takes the guess-work out of prospecting clients that desperately need your services, while automating the process of contacting and nurturing those potential leads.

Once they become clients, you’ll be able to manage all of their campaigns and campaign activities in a beautifully visual manner — removing the challenges of paperwork and messy spreadsheets.

Many of the prospecting activities for your marketing business are then automated; leaving Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help you recognize those prospects that are most interested — giving you the insight you need to reach out to hot leads while letting the system continue nurturing the warm leads until they are ready. Learn more about this powerful set of tools that can help you take your marketing from working to winning.

We Are The Only Digital Marketing Training Program That Offers Financing — For Your Clients

As an new agency owner after training, you be able to offer world-class marketing services, but you’ll also be able to combat a common objection to expert marketing services — budget issues. How? We are the only digital marketing training company that will also help your clients FINANCE their marketing.

Two Streams of Revenue: More Than Any Other Marketing Training Program Out There

When you become an agency owner after our training, you’ll seek out marketing clients that need your digital marketing services. That’s revenue stream number #1: you’ll make a profit on the marketing services.

Not only will your marketing services be world-class, but you’ll be able to offer even more value than all of your competitors: financing for your clients marketing investments/costs. There’s hardly any other strong value proposition than this. Your competitors will be left in the dust.

How is this ANOTHER revenue stream for you? Simple: Although you’re offering clients incredible value with your expert, growth-generating marketing services (and making a profit), but when you finance their marketing campaigns for them (through our lending program), you’ll also make a commission on the loan. Best yet? During your training with us, we’ll teach you the ins and outs and finite details on how it works and how to pitch and close the financing program. Want to learn more about the financing portion of each training package?


  • ($27,000 minus a $1,000 hotel credit)
  • 5-day Comprehensive Training
  • 5 Local/Regional Leads & Proposals During Class Week
  • CRM & Marketing Automation Dashboard (all tools, unlimited email campaigns) (One Year Access)
  • Marketing Finance Training & The Ability to Earn Commissions on the Lending (U.S Attendees Only)
  • A One-Of- A-Kind Marketing Power Package Education
  • State-of- the-Art Optimized Website (A $5,000 Value)
  • Our Guaranteed Lead Program™ (7-25 Leads For One Month)
  • Social Media Marketing and Management (Two Full Years)
  • Content Marketing (Two Full Years)
  • Email Marketing (Two Full Years)
  • 1,000 Free Direct Mail Leads
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Comprehensive Training Manual
  • Access to Our Online Library with Legal Forms, Agreements, and Marketing Material
  • Business Identity Package
  • Ongoing 1-On-1 Live Support & Continuing Education


  • ($69,000 minus a $1,000 Hotel Credit)
  • 5-day Comprehensive Training
  • 5 Local/Regional Leads & Proposals During Class Week
  • 5 Local/Regional Leads & Proposals Per Month for 12 Months
  • CRM & Marketing Automation Dashboard (all tools, unlimited email campaigns) (For the Life of Your Business)
  • Marketing Finance Training & The Ability to Earn Higher Commissions (than Gold) on the Lending From YOUR OWN Private Label Finance Product (U.S. Attendees Only)
  • A One-Of- A-Kind Marketing Power Package Education
  • State-of-the-Art Optimized Website (A $10,000 or more Value)
  • Our Guaranteed Lead Program™ (7-25 Leads Per Month For One Year)
  • Proactive Website Maintenance
  • Aggressive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (First 12 Months – $60,000 Value)
  • Social Media Marketing and Management (For the Life of Your Business)
  • Content Marketing (For the Life of Your Business)
  • Email Marketing (For the Life of Your Business)
  • LinkedIn Networking Services (First 12 Months; Premium Account Required)
  • 5,000 Free Direct Mail Leads
  • Google Analytics Setup and Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Training Manual
  • Access to Our Online Library with Legal Forms, Agreements, and Marketing Material
  • Business Identity Package
  • Ongoing 1-On- 1 Live Support & Continuing Education
  • How to Grow Your Business with a Sales Force
*These services include general business and legal advice but does not include any representation in any legal matter, dispute or action whereby graduate becomes a plaintiff or defendant.*

$26,500 seems like a lot of money for a 5-day training program – What exactly do I get for my investment?

This is a very common question brought up by people looking to invest into our program, and I am sure this question is crossing your mind as well. Yes, we do agree that for most people $25,500 is a lot of money to part with to go to a place for 5 days. We get it! Our intent here to address your concerns is to simply highlight the facts that most people don’t realize about our digital marketing training group program until they arrive and complete the training.

  • You’ll also receive training in having the ability to offer financing to your clients for their marketing campaigns (you’ll earn a commission on each financing package you close).

First, look at the fact that starting any legitimate business takes capital or an investment to get up and running. It would be very hard to start a business for under $20,000 if you take into account the materials, inventory you might need, website setup, legal documents, a marketing budget, office space, and staff to help or operate the business.

If you decided to get into a franchise agreement you have these costs plus the franchise fee (which could be $50,000 and up) and you would have to pay royalties on any revenue you earn. Additionally, in any business or franchise, if you want to expand you have to contribute more capital on top of your original investment. This is not the case with our innovative model. There is no inventory, you can do this by yourself, and later if you want to grow the business, and you can do it very inexpensively.

With our business opportunity, a lot of these factors do not exist in our model or we have included them in the training fee. People don’t realize how much we invest back into your business for the fee that you pay. Here is list of services that is included in your fee and the market value of each:

  • Fully functional website with content management system: ($5,000 Value)
  • Stationery package: ($500 Value)
  • 1000 direct mail leads: ($800 Value)
  • 5-20 real time, exclusive leads from business owners looking for marketing services: ($2000 Value)
  • Email marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing for one full year: ($15,000 Value – $7,500 per year)
  • Access to our online library with legal forms, agreements and marketing materials: ($5,000 Value)

As you can see that is $28,300. If you were to try and do this on your own, it would cost well upward of what we charge, and that is not even taking into account that you will have access to our exclusive white label marketplace. The other major factor that we left out of these numbers is our Ongoing Support! The fact that that you can call a dedicated support person to answer any questions you might have, or help you with any proposal is priceless.

When you take into account what each level of financing and scenario can possibly yield, it’s easy to see how your return can be many times your initial investment, provided you are focused and dedicated to your business. Plus, our model is recession resistant, and there are no geographical boundaries that will restrict your income or where you do business.

These factors, along with many others, are almost always overlooked when considering our program.