Your Investment and What You Get

Here is what is included in your one time investment to start your own digital marketing business:

Intensive 5-day Training at our Corporate Office:

It all starts with training. You will fly out to our corporate offices to partake in an intensive 5 day training course, where our professional team of diverse Digital Marketing Training Group partners will instruct you on everything there is to know about owning and operating your own digital marketing agency. You will gain a deep understanding of digital marketing, and more importantly, how to sell your services and obtain clients. Our expert staff will not only teach you the ins and outs of digital marketing, they will lend their experience and depth of knowledge to answer your questions. From going over the finer points discussed in our training classes, to overcoming obstacles when landing a major digital advertising client, our staff has decades of experience in the digital marketing arena to cover all of the bases. You will learn about all of the products and services you can offer, how to sell them, suggested pricing and negotiation, the competitive landscape, and how you can position yourself as a leader in your area of focus. Additionally, you’ll become familiar with contracts and legal agreements, proposal structuring and presentation, working with tools of the trade, and growing your business.

Intensive 5-day Marketing Training
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A Marketing Education Power Package To Launch Your Business: We dedicate time each day to show you how to integrate sales and business development techniques which dovetail with the curriculum focus. This offers grads a comprehensive understanding of launching and growing a sustainable and successful digital marketing agency. We will cover topics such as but not limited to: SEO or search engine marketing, PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising, Print or Publication marketing, Social Media Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Networking and Setting Up Referral Partnerships, and more. Included in your investment are branding and development services which DMTG will perform for your digital marketing agency (which we will highlight further on this page).

Professional Website: We will build you a custom branded website to include a content management system that will highlight your brand and marketing services. This website will be used to attract customers for years to come. Hosting is included in your investment for one year.

Business Identity Package: With your input, our team will create an entire business identity package for your digital marketing agency. From a customized logo to business cards, letterhead, and your own website, we will give you everything you need to establish your business and attract clients.

Lead Generation Program (7 to 25) Leads For One Month: One of the most important things about launching your new business is finding prospects who are interested in the services your digital marketing agency offers. As soon as your training with DMTG is complete, our internal marketing team will begin generating exclusive leads for you. For many of our graduates, their initial leads and clients end up retaining their services for the long run. Again, these leads will be generated in real time and are exclusive – they are not resold to anyone else.

Social Media Marketing and Management (Two Full Years): Social media is the new “word of mouth,” but with a greater reach and larger impact. Because of this, your digital marketing agency must be active on all fronts with social media in order to stand out from the competition. We will set up company pages on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts and posting to those outlets to connect with businesses and show that your company is active along with building up followers.

Content Marketing (2 Years): Our team of writers will develop and write one content article per month that will be optimized and shared through your website and social media channels.

Email Marketing (2 Full Years): One of the best ways to keep your business in front of people and follow up with valuable information about you company is email marketing. Our company will actually do this for you for the first two years of your business. We will actually write the email content and strategically blast out to your contacts as you build your list every month. We will do drip email blasts to keep your marketing services at the forefront of your target audience, which could eventually turn into leads.

1000 Free Leads To Use For Direct Mail Purposes: You will get access to the world’s largest database of businesses and will be able to target very specific criteria to find the exact audience for direct mailing purposes.

Cutting Edge Tools to help you perform, execute and manage your clients: NEED CONTENT HERE.

Google Analytics Setup: Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool that can help you identify keywords, referral sources, website traffic, measure your marketing campaigns, see how long visitors are staying on your site, and much more. We will set you up with an account and set up some basic conversion/goal tracking metrics which will allow you to see how well your website performs. You can’t improve what you can’t quantify.

Full Detailed Training and Reference Manual: After our 5-day training course, you will receive a guide covering all topics discussed, including detailed pricing models, sales tactics, and an overview of what your digital marketing agency can provide to clients.

Your Hotel Included and a $500 Credit Towards Airfare (For 1 person): Included in your investment is a 5 night stay at a 4-Star Hotel and a $500 credit towards your airfare to our headquarters located in Albany, New York. Graduates stay at the Hotel Albany (a Hilton Brand), conveniently located downtown across the street from our corporate offices and training facility. After training, feel free to relax and enjoy the many things New York’s Capital District has to offer.

Access to our information cloud system that contains all legal documents, marketing material, and forms to run your business: You will have access to our cloud based system that houses all the important documents, proposal templates, legal forms, and marketing material that you will need to run your digital marketing business.

Lifetime One-On-One Live Support and Continuing Education After You Leave Our Offices: As part of your continuing education at DMTG headquarters, we offer one-on-one live support and training, to ensure your business stays abreast of industry standards and innovations. Whether it’s your first week in business or three years down the road, we are always there to guide and advise you as your needs evolve. Our trainers and founders are a phone call, email, or video chat to guide your growth and assist you in your success! A member of our DMTG team will work with you for the lifetime of your business. By having a dedicated person working with you, support and agency development is only a phone call or email away. After your initial training, we will continue to provide you with opportunities for advanced training at no additional cost in distance learning formats so that you may further develop your digital marketing business. The digital marketing arena is an ever-changing industry, and DMTG works day and night to keep the curriculum updated with the latest standards and strategies to keep our graduates – past, present, and future – a few steps ahead of everyone else. As a future Digital Marketing Training Group entrepreneur and graduate, your success is our success.

Time Tested Legal Documents and Agreements: In the digital marketing industry, it is essential to have the right legal documents to keep yourself and your business protected. We provide you with every legal agreement and document you will ever need in running your own marketing company. These agreements are specifically tailored to our industry and business model. In digital marketing, information is the key to success, and you need to protect the knowledge, content, and strategies you learn in our classes, and by extension, your income. Such agreements include Client Fee Agreements, Referral Agreements, Non-Compete Agreements, Non-Circumvent Agreements, Independent Contractor Agreements, Employee Agreements, etc. These are the very same agreements our own marketing company use so they have been vetted and enforced in a court of law.

How to Grow Your Business with a Sales Force: We spend a better part of day talking about how to effectively grow your company with a sales team when the time is right. We will show you how to do this inexpensively with a low overhead business model. Topics covered include: where to find independent sales and third party professionals, how to interview them, how to judge their ability to perform, how to train them, what to pay them, the agreements used, and how to manage them. You will also receive a proprietary blueprint of how to grow this business.