Specialized Marketing Teams

partner success team and support

Strategic Coaching. Delivered.

Partner Success Team

To put it simply: Our graduates enjoy one-on-one support and mentorship after training; no matter which training program he/she chooses (Gold or Platinum).

Our support system is one of the most important factors why our graduates enjoy continued success after completing in-person training at our offices and training facility.

Our support team essentially becomes an extension of your business. Whether it’s a simple email or an in-depth conversation, our support staff will be there to help with any needs your business might have. Additionally, the training and education does not stop after your initial 5-day training.

Our dedicated staff continuously educates our graduates on changes in the market, and how to capitalize on those changes. Digital marketing strategies and platforms change frequently, and our team is ready to educate you on those changes.

We routinely hold monthly education sessions, to keep you updated on the latest strategies and re-educating you on the topics we initially cover in our class, for the life of your business.

lead intelligence team

Lead Intelligence. Simplified.

Lead Intelligence Team

The DMTG Lead Intelligence Team (LIT) act as your personal lead hunters and qualifiers for your sales efforts.

Traditionally, digital agencies are left to their own devices to seek out clients, network, and drive targeted leads via their web presence; while still true, the DMTG Lead Intelligence Team takes some of the heavy lifting out of the process of prospecting local/regional clients that most likely need your services the most.

The DMTG Lead Intelligence Team (LIT) are part of a system of specialized marketing experts who seek, research, and recognize businesses with gaps, holes, and less-than-ideal competitive online marketing strategies.

Our senior LIT team members have been in their digital marketing roles for a combined 50+ years; either previously having senior roles at other agencies or having owned their own agencies (or both).