Program Overview

An Innovative Marketing Training Program That Requires No Marketing Experience.

Our program is designed so that you don’t have to have prior tech or marketing experience to run your own digital marketing business. You simply find clients, which we will go in depth regarding how to effectively do just that during our training program. You will then have two options to execute the work that needs to be done for your clients’ success. Either option provides all the heavy lifting; allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Option 1: Our In House White Label Team: Use our expert back-end white-label team which becomes an extension of your business; offering you true wholesale pricing and allowing you a 60% to 70% margin for profit. All the while, maintaining a competitive cost for your client.

Our expert, professional marketing geniuses will do all the work to generate measurable results for your clients under your company name while preserving your branding identity. With our white label in house team, your digital marketing business will be able to offer more value for less money, which is the perfect recipe to win business – time and time again.

Option 2: Our Hand Selected Vendor Market Place: We like you to have the most flexibility with your business so we have carefully assembled vendors from some of the nation’s top white label companies that specialize in various digital marketing products and services. We have negotiated special pricing so that if you choose to use any company in our marketplace, you will get the best wholesale pricing. The important thing to realize is that we give you options to get quality work done for your clients. And, you will actually meet some of these vendors in training.

The Ability To Make A Good Income Income With Services That Generate Residual Income From Home

As of February 2019, U.S. digital ad spend in 2019 will surpass all traditional advertising for the first time, growing to $129.3 billion this year, according to eMarketer’s latest forecast.

Most services generate a monthly residual revenue for your business, so every month you will receive income on the services you sell. As you add and grown more clients, your residual income grows too.

Typically marketing services such as SEO, Social Media Management and Marketing, PPC and many others require 6-to-12 month contracts, meaning steady residual income to you. You will also be able to provide services, such as website creation, that offer you one-time high payouts; however, it’s typical for a client to not only need a new website but also additional (monthly residual) services that drive traffic to the website. You’ll be able to offer marketing packages that include many services that yield multiple streams of income. To learn more about how you generate income please click here.

Don’t worry, through our intensive 5-day program you will learn and understand about the services you will be able to offer, and more importantly, learn how to offer them to the clients you come across. This business is perfect to work from home or from an office and both options keep your overhead low.

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Our Packages To get Started:

There are two packages we offer entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own digital marketing agency: our Signature Gold Package and our Elite Platinum Package. Both packages offer the same training but differ in the marketing that your business will get (each package provides marketing for your agency, to drive website traffic to your website). The main difference between the two is the Platinum Package offers a premium marketing plan that involves a year of intense lead generation, lifelong marketing components, lifelong CRM system, and much more.

Listen to Our Director and Lead Instructor Talk About The Opportunity of Digital Marketing.

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Own A Digital Marketing Business That Offers Results-Driven Strategies At An Affordable Price To Business Owners.

One of the competitive aspects of our business model is that your business will be able to offer a full suite of marketing solutions that are results driven at a very competitive price, while offering more value compared to what your client could get elsewhere. You will have at your disposal very competitive marketing solutions that can be tailored to your clients’ needs. Your innovative business will be able to offer more solutions and more value than the big companies at a very affordable price. That is one of the things that will set your marketing company apart from everybody else. Your marketing business will be a one stop shop, able to offer all marketing services to small or large businesses.

World-Class Ongoing Support And Additional Monthly Training As We Are An Extension Of Your Business.

Our support system is one of the most important factors why our graduates enjoy success after leaving our training facility.

Our graduates enjoy one-on-one support and mentorship after training. Our support team essentially becomes an extension of your business. Whether it’s a simple email or an in-depth conversation, our support staff will be there to help with any needs your business might have. Additionally, the training and education does not stop after your initial 5-day training.

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Leave Training with Pre-identified Clients Who Need Your Services

Our Lead Intelligence Team (LIT) will research and generate pre-identified clients who desperately need your services and arm you with powerful pitches and proposals to take home and start generating business immediately.

BEFORE you get to our training program, we will already know who your first clients will potentially be. And, we’ll show you how much profit to expect from each and the strategies to pitch them — all before your 5-day training ends. 

Marketing Solutions That Jump Start Your Business After Training

Marketing is the life blood of any business and your marketing business is no exception. Throughout our training we will educate you on not only the marketing industry of owning your own digital marketing business, but how to market your own business to attract and gain clients. Our staff will go cover all aspects of getting clients by using various marketing methods. We will also educate and train you on networking your business and negotiating proposals with our help. With all of our packages we include marketing for your business to jump start it off ground. Each package that we offer (Gold or Platinum) consists of different levels of marketing.

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be able to finance marketing campaigns

We Are The Only Digital Marketing Training Program That Offers Financing — For Your Clients

As an new agency owner after training, you be able to offer world-class marketing services, but you’ll also be able to combat a common objection to expert marketing services — budget issues. How? We are the only digital marketing training company that will also help your clients FINANCE their marketing.

Two Streams of Revenue: More Than Any Other Marketing Training Program Out There

Financing Option Available to U.S. Attendees Only

When you become an agency owner after our training, you’ll seek out marketing clients that need your digital marketing services. That’s revenue stream number #1: you’ll make a profit on the marketing services.

Not only will your marketing services be world-class, but you’ll be able to offer even more value than all of your competitors: financing for your clients marketing investments/costs. There’s hardly any other strong value proposition than this. Your competitors will be left in the dust.

How is this ANOTHER revenue stream for you? Simple: Although you’re offering clients incredible value with your expert, growth-generating marketing services (and making a profit), but when you finance their marketing campaigns for them (through our lending program), you’ll also make a commission on the loan. Best yet? During your training with us, we’ll teach you the ins and outs and finite details on how it works and how to pitch and close the financing program.

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Training Program Option: Gold Program

Under our Signature Gold program, for the first two years of your business, you will have a specialized marketing team of over 30 people at your disposal working on your social media management, content marketing, and email marketing. For a full TWO years our marketing company will work hard to generate leads for you, through the above marketing efforts. In fact, our guarantee is that you will have pre-qualified, real-time requests from businesses that desperately need your services the minute you return from our training facility.

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Training Program Option: Platinum Program

We also have our highly sought after exclusive Elite Platinum Program. This program is designed for the entrepreneur who wants the very best marketing and lead generation plan that money can buy. The marketing package alone that is included in the this package is valued conservatively at over $130,000 – a year of which we are offering at a fraction of that value. This package includes marketing for the life of your business, and a heavy lead generation program to propel your business and sustain your business for years to come.

With either program, you will start doing business the moment you get home. We lay down the foundation for your brand and business identity by giving you your own website and other powerful marketing components to be successful in this business and ensure your best chances for success.