• You’ll have a dedicated login and profile just for your agency.
  • Within your dashboard, you’ll be able to perform automated business research and generate a sharp looking, actionable report that clearly and visually outlines what the business is doing right and what needs they have. Understand a business’s needs in seconds, establishing yourself as the expert, ready to provide helpful, actionable advice.
  • You’ll then be able to connect those marketing needs to services. Our suite of service will be in a ‘menu’ form (each with a full description) and you’ll be able to start the ‘order’ process for each service with the click of as button. Each wholesale price is included, so you’ll you’ll know the cost of each.
  • Digital Marketing Services (with wholesale pricing) will be included in your dashboard, with a single click ordering process.
  • Within your dashboard, you’ll be able to start a Marketing Automation campaign, which nurtures your prospects via email drips (many are pre-written for you) until that prospect shows interest in the solutions your agency can provide.
  • All customer acquisition, product adoption, and product up-sell email drip campaigns come with unlimited monthly emails (unlike some email providers that charge by the number of emails you send — as our ‘graduate’ and ‘client’, unlimited emails and all of the benefits of the dashboard are included in the training package you purchased).
  • These campaigns automatically let you know which businesses show interest, so you can strike while the iron is hot (with the help of our support team).
  • Your branded (to your agency) CRM & Dashboard can automatically send regular, detailed reports that show client that the progress with regard to your services improving their digital marketing.
  • Automatic proof-of-performance reporting is a proven aspect for agencies that help retain clients for longer.
  • You’ll be able to better schedule and manage tasks for each prospect and client (visually seeing what is being done and what needs to be done — for quick updates to give to your paying clients).

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