Leads & Proposals from Day One

Leave Training with Pre-identified Leads Who Need Your Services

A Training Program Like No Other:

That’s right. Our Lead Intelligence Team (LIT) will research and generate pre-identified potential leads who desperately need your services and arm you with powerful pitches and proposals to take home and start generating business immediately.

Think about that:

BEFORE you get to our training program, we will already know who your first clients can potentially be. And, we’ll show you how much profit to expect from each and the strategies to pitch them — all before your 5-day training ends. 

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How Does The DMTG Lead Intelligence Program Work?

Simple. We research existing businesses directly in your city/region and use human-verified data to determine which leads seem the most profitable AND seemingly easiest to close when you first start running your digital agency.

Best of all, before you leave our 5-day, in-person training, you’ll meet with Support about the information gathered by Lead Intelligence Team at DMTG:

  • We’ll review the leads we prospect for (so you fully understand them)
  • We’ll coach you on effective ways to pitch and sell the services that you’ll learn about during the 5-day training) — directly to actual businesses who need the services and solutions your digital agency will offer.

Do The Lead Intelligence Services Cost Extra?

Absolutely not. We are not only dedicated to your success, your success is exactly what drives us. Don’t worry, we’ll teach/coach you to prospect for more leads as your business grows and continues its upward momentum of success.

Our Partner Support Team (PST) is at your disposal for the life of your business (and that is part of your initial training investment; there are no additional fees to access your built-in Support Mentor — it’s all part of the package).

Solving One of the Biggest Hurdles for New Agencies

No matter what digital marketing training program people go through, generating leads is one of the most difficult challenges to overcome. We’ve changed all that. You’d be hard-pressed to find a worthy digital marketing training program that starts you off with profitable potential as soon as training ends. And, each is customized directly to you, based on your local city/region.

Are There Enough Local Businesses Online To Find Consistent Leads?

Research and statistics from 2017 show that of all U.S. small businesses, 71% of them have a website as their digital foundation. Websites don’t just ‘work’, they need to be professionally designed, maintained, and marketed. If we do the math for you, 71% of 30.2 million small businesses in the U.S. means that there are 21,422,000 small business websites to potentially need one or more digital marketing services.

Our Goal Is To Help You Find Success From Day One

Our training program isn’t just 5 days of ‘advice’. Our training service is dedicated to your ongoing success, starting on day one. 

So while you’ll learn and participate (yes, your participation matters; we don’t simply stand in front of you and lecture) in our forward-thinking training, we’ll generate leads and proposals that you can get started with soon after training.

It doesn’t end there, because it’s important to remember, included in your training investment is our dedication to your success through ongoing support and education for the life of your business. Our Partner Support Team is your built-in mentor:

  • Need help finding new leads? We will help.
  • Need help pitching a marketing proposal? We will even hop on the phone with your client.
  • Need to better understand why SEO is important to businesses? We’ll explain it again. And again, if we have to.
  • Is your client not understanding a marketing report? No problem, we will get on a call with you, as a representative of your company, and walk everyone through it — in English, not technical gibberish.
  • Need help growing and scaling your business? Yes, we’ll help with that too.
  • Want to know what’s new in digital marketing? We’ll tell you, teach you, coach you.
  • And so much more.

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