How We Are Different

How We Are Different From Other Digital Marketing Training Programs

Digital Marketing Training Side By Side Comparison

We realize there are other digital marketing training programs out there and we are also sensitive to fact that starting a business will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make. That’s why we devoted a whole page to pointing out how our opportunity is significantly different from other companies. Keep in mind this business takes hard work and dedication to be successful, as is the case with any business that one starts.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy has always been to let the qualities of our program and the past success of our graduate’s attest to how effective our program really is. We highly encourage you to do your own due-diligence between our opportunity and other companies that claim to offer the same type of training. What you will see below are the facts relating to how we are different. More importantly, our staff is always available to further explain the differences and answer any questions you might have.

We Are Not A Franchise – No Royalties or Ongoing Fees

Our Digital Marketing Training Opportunity

This is probably one of the biggest differences between us and other opportunities out there. We are not a franchise, so therefore we don’t dip into any of your profits. We don’t charge royalties, share in your income, or have any territory restrictions. Your business is your own. You will have your own company branding and don’t have to work under anybody else’s name. With our model, you will have the highest profit margins, thus propelling your marketing business to success.

Other Opportunities:

There are other digital marketing training opportunities that are set up as a franchise. Therefore, you have to work under their umbrella with restrictive guidelines and effectively lose your own business identity. Most importantly, your income will be reduced, because in a franchise model, the franchisor takes a portion of your profits. Who wants to give away part of your hard eared money to a place for years and years? In a franchise, you are also in a contract for a number of years, which restricts you from actually branching out on your own.

Digital Marketing Training Group vs. Digital Marketing Franchises

digital marketing training group vs. franchises

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. See the entire comparison here or download the full comparison chart PDF by clicking here.

The Marketing Products You Will Be Able To Offer Businesses

Our Digital Marketing Training Opportunity

After completion of our training, your new digital marketing business will be able to offer a complete array of products to market any small or large business. Your business will effectively be a one-stop shop to handle any digital marketing need. Your business will be able to offer services such as but not limited to: SEO or Search Engine Optimization, PPC or Pay Per Click AdWords Advertising, Website Creation, Branding Campaigns, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Logo Creation, Marketing Collateral, Video Creation, and much more.

Other Opportunities:

Other companies will train you on specific services, thereby limiting the scope of services that you company can offer. This will ultimately cause your company to be less competitive and therefore less profitable, as you will find yourself saying “we can’t do this” when talking to clients and potential customers. Also these days, a business will typically have more than one marketing need, so it is imperative to have a full suite of solutions at your disposal.

Two Streams of Revenue: More Than Any Other Marketing Training Program Out There

Offer Your Clients the Ability to Finance Their Marketing

Financing Option Available to U.S. Attendees Only

When you become an agency owner after our training, you’ll seek out marketing clients that need your digital marketing services. That’s revenue stream number #1: you’ll make a profit on the marketing services.

Not only will your marketing services be world-class, but you’ll be able to offer even more value than all of your competitors: financing for your clients marketing investments/costs. There’s hardly any other strong value proposition than this. Your competitors will be left in the dust.

How is this ANOTHER revenue stream for you? Simple: Although you’re offering clients incredible value with your expert, growth-generating marketing services (and making a profit), but when you finance their marketing campaigns for them (through our lending program), you’ll also make a commission on the loan. Best yet? During your training with us, we’ll teach you the ins and outs and finite details on how it works and how to pitch and close the financing program.

Stand Out from Other Agencies, Leave the Status Quo Behind

During our training, we spend time teaching future agency owners the power of a value proposition. When you finish class as a digital marketing agency owner, you’ll stand out from the herd of other agencies by offering not only world-class marketing campaigns, but financing for a business’ marketing campaign of practically any size — that’s a built in value proposition that no other digital agency or digital marketing training program can provide. For you, as the agency owner, and for your clients, it’s a no-brainer win-win proposition.

Leave Training with Pre-identified Clients Who Need Your Services

A Training Program Like No Other:

Our Lead Intelligence Team (LIT) will research and generate pre-identified clients who desperately need your services and arm you with powerful pitches and proposals to take home and start generating business immediately.

Think about that:

BEFORE you get to our training program, we will already know who your first clients will potentially be. And, we’ll show you how much profit to expect from each and the strategies to pitch them — all before your 5-day training ends. 

We research existing businesses directly in your city/region and use human-verified data to determine which leads seem the most profitable AND the easiest to close when you first start running your digital agency.

Best of all, before you leave our 5-day, in-person training, you’ll meet with the Lead Intelligence Team at DMTG:

  • We’ll review the proposals we create for you (so you fully understand them)
  • We’ll coach you on effective ways to pitch and sell the services in the proposal (you’ll learn about each service during the 5-day training) — directly to actual businesses who need the services and solutions your digital agency will offer.

You Don’t Need Prior Digital Marketing Experience to Be Successful

Our Digital Marketing Training Opportunity

One of the most attractive aspects of our program is that you don’t have to have been a marketing wiz or had prior marketing experience to be successful. This is because after training, you won’t have to worry about doing any of the technical work for your clients. We will train and educate you on the individual services and products, and general aspects on running a digital marketing agency. With our program, you will have two options in order to execute the work your clients require. Option 1: You can take advantage of our white label marketing plan, whereby our in-house marketing experts will actually do the work for your clients, giving you a wholesale rate and allowing you to mark up the price and your business keeping the difference while maintain your agency’s brand. Our team will act as your back-end staff which allows you to just concentrate on bringing on clients. Option 2: DTMG has created a diverse marketing place of specialized white label vendors that have discounted rates for our graduates that can do the work. Either option allows you to concentrate on finding clients while your back-end team takes on the dirty work.

Other Opportunities:

There are some other opportunities where they will teach you how to execute a marketing service, but you will have to do the back-end complicated work, which takes time and will limit your ability to go out and attract more clients. We have designed our program so that you will be educated on your business, but don’t have to worry about doing the actual work when you secure a client.

Ongoing Support and Continuing Education For The Life Of Your Business After Training

Our Digital Marketing Training Opportunity

One of the biggest things that sets us apart from other companies is the fact we offer ongoing support and continuing education after your initial training with us. The education does not stop after your training. After your initial 5 days of training we provide a continued education and learning system via webinars every month to ensure that you’re staying on top of the constant changes in the digital marketing world. Our ongoing support provides a system to help your business succeed. We are here for you in any manner you need. Whether it be a phone call, email, or one on one coaching on any question you may have, our support team is an extension of your business.

Other opportunities

Other companies might say they offer support, but do they continue to train and develop new programs for you to offer your clients for the life of your business? Will other companies continue to support you on an ongoing basis? These are important questions you have to ask and compare.