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Graduate Testimonials

Below, you’ll meet graduates of our program. Hear how valuable their experiences at our training has impacted the success of their burgeoning digital marketing agencies.

Meet Jeremy

Meet Jeremy Ellenbogen. Within a couple of months, he closed a $90,000 proposal and has close to $1.2 Million in the pipeline.

Meet Dwayne

Meet Dwayne Myers; a Platinum Package Graduate. Dwayne had no experience prior to training. Dwayne made $75,000 in his first 6 months. His enthusiasm and dedication to getting his marketing agency off the ground is evident from his initial successes.

Meet Mike

Meet Mike. Mike is a Platinum Program graduate who came through training in November 2018. Mike had a lot of fantastic ideas for the future of his agency and his questions in class were insightful. We’re eager to see his success continue and we’re just as eager to work with Mike moving forward.

Meet Linda

Listen to Linda’s review of our training right after class ended. Linda also started bringing clients in during class week. The week after Linda finished class, she had our team starting to work on another additional 3 proposals for her and her new agency.

Meet Emma

Meet Emma, who after only two months out of training closed a $52,000 marketing proposal with help of our support team. She even closed two clients while in class attending our 5-day training program with our support team in person!

Meet Jimmy

Listen to a guest’s review of attending our training and how it beneficial to bring a partner. Jimmy will not only be there to consult with his spouse while she runs her agency, but he is also well aware of all of the aspects of the business, having been through training.

Meet Stephanie

Meet Stephanie, a mother of 4. Stephanie came into training without any prior digital marketing experience and she found financial success and the freedom she sought to spend more time with her children after coming to training. Stephanie doubled her sales in year one.

Meet Phil

Meet Phil, who had no marketing experience prior to coming to training. Phil went from being an event coordinator for live entertainment to owning and running a successful digital marketing agency. Phil says his business is doing, “amazingly well.”

Meet Alexis and Matt

Hear how their agency’s sales have doubled year after year since coming through training in 2014. Also hear how Alexis and Matt sought smaller clients, at first, and how that helped them attract bigger clients along the way. Alexis and Matt have a great agency and the successes to show.

Google Sends Us a Poster

This custom poster was printed by Google and sent to us. Thank you Google and thank you Greg for the great review; it’s now hanging in our office!

Meet Adrian

Meet Adrian, a graduate of the March 2015 DMTG training. Adrian is a Platinum graduate who, prior to class, was a software developer.