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Land of The Landing Pages: The Basics

In the world of digital marketing, a landing page is a page designed specifically for a marketing campaign. A potential client “lands” on the page from another source and is […]

How To Sell A Website Proposal By Selling Value, Not Pixels

When it comes to selling website design and development, it isn’t so much about selling a businesses owner something that can seem intangible, rather, it’s most important to sell the […]

Web Design Mistakes to Avoid: The Basics

• Keeping visited links the same color. This is especially important if your site has many pages. Your site visitors may easily get confused and flustered if they are expected […]

Web Design Definitions: Design Aesthetics

• Design aesthetics. It goes without saying that your site should be pleasing to the eye. A number of different elements contribute to a design’s aesthetic value, including typography, graphics, […]

Web Design Definitions: Hierarchy

• Hierarchy. A good website design will naturally guide the viewer’s eyes from what is most important to what is least important on the page, and in the right order. […]

Web Design Definitions: Navigation

• Navigation. This is perhaps the most important element of web design. Your site’s navigation features are what will enable your visitors to travel from one page to the next, […]

Why Hire a Professional Web Designer?

Many people are tempted to use a bargain-basement designer, but the saying is true “If it’s cheap, you’ll probably pay twice.” So when it comes to hiring a web designer, […]

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Expert Web Design Breeds Success: Sending Strong Signals

A positive, working experience on your website will lead to happy visitors. Promoting ease-of-use, brand retention, positive brand awareness, brand spread, and appeal will ensure repeat visits. Your design will […]