Can Using Humor Help Your Marketing?

Can Using Humor Help Your Marketing?

Instead of reading about our experiences with humor in marketing, let’s look at some other industry pros and what they’ve said about this all-too-important and often over-looked digital marketing approach:

Bryan Kramer has a great post on this subject and he kicks it off with important stats:

“According to a recent marketing study by the textbook rental service Chegg, almost 80 % of college-age kids remembers ads that make them laugh. And this phenomenon is not limited to just millennials, as Nielsen recently ranked some of the most memorable Super Bowls in the past four years.” See Bryan’s post right here.

Steve Olenski’s post in Forbes reminds us that:

“Humor breaks down walls, shows personality a.k.a. shows a brand’s human side.”

Emily Gaudette references Dr. James Barry, a humorist, professor at Nova Southeastern University by writing:

“Barry told me that infusing content with humor has a lot of potential for B2C and B2B companies alike, provided that they avoid re-inventing the wheel. “Seriously, humor works very well in B2B spaces,” he said. “As long as the creator knows exactly what type of humor strategy they’re using. Why wouldn’t CEOs want to be entertained? They’re just like anyone else.””

See the above post on Contently.

Do we practice what we preach? Well, we try! We have a handful of humor-based videos that promote our digital marketing training program that we would love to get your feedback on — check them out below:

Be Your Own Boss – Digital Marketing Training Classes

Digital Marketing Training – Be Your Own Boss (Isn’t It Time?)

Digital Marketing Training – Don’t Be Ned

Well, did we at least make you chuckle? Break a smile? How will you use humor in your marketing efforts?

Class Week Testimonial – Meet Jim

Class Week Testimonial – Meet Jim

Meet Jim, one of our graduates. Jim came through training in August 2019 and is hitting the ground running.

Jim flew in from the mid-west to spend a week with our team during training. Here, in the video below, Jim discusses his experiences and how impressed he was with what we delivered in 5 days. We’re looking forward to working with Jim each day moving forward.

Now that you’ve listened to Jim’s experiences with Digital Marketing Training Group, head over to our Reviews page and see more grads speak to their successes having come through our training.

Infographic: 31 Must-Know Video Marketing Stats

Infographic: 31 Must-Know Video Marketing Stats

It’s no secret that video and video consumption is huge. The vast number of minutes of video being uploaded daily is astounding — and for good reason: people watch more video today than even 3 years ago.

And, with social media platforms inching more and more towards video content as a main feature (think Facebook and Instagram), it’s clear that the video ‘trend’ is not simply a trend, rather, it’s roaring towards a necessity for successful brands today.

We came across this Infographic from Hyperfine Media that puts the important stats into one simple to digest format. Check it out:

31 Must-Know Video Marketing Stats

video marketing statistics infographic

Capitalize on Video in Your Marketing Mix

Capitalize on Video in Your Marketing Mix

Every brand needs a video marketing strategy. This is an idea that has been around for a long time. The only difference today is how important this has become. You need video marketing on every channel and platform, and it is not just about an overall plan anymore. Videos need to be playing a central role in the campaign and outreach efforts.

Video has made an entry in a major way and there is no end in sight as of now. There is a great need for everyone to optimize their content as this is the smartest thing today in this day and age. If you do not use content optimization hand in hand with optimization on YouTube, then you are missing out on a lot of things.

Today, more and more people will prefer videos as compared to email newsletters, especially when the videos are about the brands that they support. Videos are more popular than social images too. Videos are also easy to remember when compared to images and texts that can be forgotten within a short time.

Video production has become quite accessible to marketing teams. You can create any kind of video you want very easily. The production equipment is also quite cost-effective than was the case in the past. You can even use your own smartphone to shoot a 4K video without compromising the quality. For the social videos, when it is simple and raw, it comes across as being authentic and this is all that matters to your customers.

using video in your marketing campaigns

Types of digital marketing videos that you can create

Before you start creating a video, you will have to determine the kind of video you want to make. There are some options available and each is handled differently. Some of the videos that you can create include:

    • Demo videos: these are used to showcase how a product works. This could be done by taking the audience on a software tour and how it is used. It can also be about how a product is unboxed and tested before use.
    • Brand videos: these are usually distributed as part of a larger campaign. They show the level of the company’s mission, vision as well as its services and products. The main aim here is to come up with videos that create awareness about the company and make an attempt to attract an audience.
    • Event videos: your company could be hosting a discussion, a conference, a fundraiser or any other event. It is important to come up with a highlight reel. Making interesting releases, presentation and interviews will capture the minds of many.
    • Expert interviews: getting some thought leaders or experts to conduct interviews in front of the camera is an amazing way to build authority and trust in your audience. You need to track down influencers within your own industry or even someone with a contrary view and then let your audience view them.
    • Educational videos: these videos can be used to teach the audience new things or add to the functional knowledge that they already have. This is the best way to help them understand your business better and also the solutions that you offer.
    • Explainer videos: these videos help the audience to understand the reasons as to why they need the product or service that you are offering. Many of these videos focus on the buyer persona, especially in dealing with a given problem. This person ends up overcoming the issue at hand by adopting the solution offered by the business.
    • Animated videos: animated videos can be an amazing way to format concepts that are hard to grasp. These are usually concepts that need very strong visuals or a product or service that cannot be touched.
    • Customer testimonial and case study videos: prospects only need to know that their problems will be solved by your product. One of the best ways to showcase the products and build customer trust is to come up with case study videos featuring your loyal and happy customers. These are the best advocates. You need to get the customer to talk about the challenges they faced and how exactly you helped them to meet any goals and solve the issues.
    • Live videos: live videos are an amazing way of giving viewers a kind of behind the scenes look at the company. You can stream live presentations and interviews as well and then encourage people who are watching to comment with their own questions or opinions.
    • Virtual reality and 360-degree videos: with the 360-degree option, the viewers can see all directions by simply scrolling to see it in a different perspective. This style is best for letting the viewer’s to experience an event or a location like exploring with scientist and so on. Virtual reality allows the viewers to control and navigate their own experience. The videos are usually viewed using different devices like the Google cardboard or Oculus Rift.
    • Augmented reality videos: this is a style where a digital layer is added to what is being watched. For example, you can point the camera to the living room and see how an addition such as a couch, could look in a particular space.
    • Personalized messages: recorded videos are a very creative way of continuing with a conversation and getting someone’s attention, especially when a response has not been received through email or any other communication channel. You can make a recap video about a meeting or a video where personalized recommendations are given using different tools. These are videos that can be a great delight for prospects and they can encourage them to purchase.

video in the multi-channel marketing mix

Other things to note about video and video marketing

Before you begin a recording, you need to establish the purpose of the video that you are creating. All decisions point back to different actions that you want the audience to complete once the video is over. When you do not have a clear purpose, you will have to edit and reshoot the video which translates to a lot of lost time.

Come up with a clear questionnaire that will answer some unknowns and then create a superb video so that the stakeholders of the project can view it. It need not be too long, but ensure all the essentials are covered.

Know your target audiences, set your goals, choose your platform, know the due date, set the budget, and look at the creative requirements and so on. These are the things that will greatly help any video marketing campaign.

Ready to Launch Your Lucrative Future?

Ready to Launch Your Lucrative Future?

In our classes, we teach a lot about the need for diverse content. In fact, even though you may have a single audience that is looking for your product/service, among that same crowd are different content needs and preferences.

That said, we love to create content from multiple perspectives and from multiple platforms. Case in point, this ‘fun’ promo video we recently produced. Check this out:

Can we make you one? Want to come to class and learn how you can do the same for your business or your clients? We’d love to have you. Contact us and let’s at least start a conversation!