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Can Using Humor Help Your Marketing?

Instead of reading about our experiences with humor in marketing, let’s look at some other industry pros and what they’ve said about this all-too-important and often over-looked digital marketing approach: […]

Class Week Testimonial – Meet Jim

Meet Jim, one of our graduates. Jim came through training in August 2019 and is hitting the ground running. Jim flew in from the mid-west to spend a week with […]

Infographic: 31 Must-Know Video Marketing Stats

It’s no secret that video and video consumption is huge. The vast number of minutes of video being uploaded daily is astounding — and for good reason: people watch more […]

Capitalize on Video in Your Marketing Mix

Every brand needs a video marketing strategy. This is an idea that has been around for a long time. The only difference today is how important this has become. You […]

Ready to Launch Your Lucrative Future?

In our classes, we teach a lot about the need for diverse content. In fact, even though you may have a single audience that is looking for your product/service, among […]