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Off The Record: An Informal Conversation with DMTG’s Marketing Director, Joe Schaefer

Off The Record: DMTG’s Marketing Director, Joe Schaefer Cassie Barnes is a college student about to embark on a career in digital PR. Cassie reached out to Digital Marketing Training […]

Google Is Sharing The Love — Offline!

We take reviews seriously…so does our partner, Google. So, when the mail arrived at the office today and we had a package from Google, we were doubly surprised to find […]

5 Business Development Books to Read Now

Professional development is always a great idea; mainly because without it, your business and/or your professional growth can become stagnant. Many people become entrenched in ideas or beliefs and they […]

Digital Marketing/Creative Salaries – What To Expect

Want to love your job and get paid what you deserve? Well then, look no further. As you’ll see below in this digital marketing infographic (source), there’s a lot of […]

Announcing Joe Schaefer Named Marketing Director of DMTG

Joe Schaefer, our newly named Director of Marketing, brings over 16 years of agency and freelance Digital Marketing & SEO experience to the Digital Marketing Training Group. Having worked for […]

Create a Viral Product or Service – Tips from Entrepreneurs

Creating a unique product, service, or solution is one of the best ways to succeed as an entrepreneur. Take, from this infographic, some insight from other successful entrepreneurs and start […]

Still Questioning the Benefits оf Technology?

Technology has progressed bу leaps аnd bounds іn thе last few decades, аnd іtѕ benefits аrе thеrе fоr аll tо see. One оf thе biggest arguments against technology іѕ іtѕ […]