Financing Your Marketing Budget: A Digital Marketing Game Changer

Financing Your Marketing Budget: A Digital Marketing Game Changer

Although Hubspot has a great post containing 33 responses to the ‘it costs too much’ marketing budget objection, we have the ultimate solution that has twice as much power and value:

1. What if it were possible to finance a much needed marketing budget (hint: it is possible!)?

2. What if financing a marketing budget came with more cash capital that a business owner could use in other areas of her/his business (example: for equipment, additional profitable products, paying off worrisome and outstanding bills)?

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Long ago, we here at the Digital Marketing Training Group figured it out and we have a seriously smart way to do so — and, we have a lending source ready to finance marketing budgets for your clients.

Here’s the rub: Only agencies that come through our digital marketing training (don’t let our name fool you: we are so much more than just training — we launch digital agencies for motivated entrepreneurs every month) are able to finance marketing campaigns.

Not exactly (or only) a value-proposition for your agency, but this is also a complementary service that your agency can use to differentiate your agency from the rest.

We have more to show you, but certainly reach out to our V.P. of Enrollment, Eric, and he can walk you through the financing part of our agency launch program and so much more.