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designing a logo

Branding 101: Designing Your Brand Part 3

STEP THREE: DESIGN & DEFINE YOUR LOGO There are many ways you’ll communicate your brand to your customers, but one of the most powerful and important is your logo. Your […]

marketing trends

Digital Marketing Trends: Watch For These in 2019

Digital Marketing Trends: What to Look For in 2019 There are a lot of changes that have been witnessed in the digital marketing world. These are things that are associated […]

Make the Best of Anchor Text for Better Usability (and SEO)

Every website hopes to drive traffic; but not just traffic, the right traffic. But once your audience is on the the site, how do you make the experience worthy of […]

CAN-SPAM isn’t Something you Want to Eat

What is CAN-SPAM and why does it matter to your business? Sending email campaigns or newsletters to your audience? Thinking about it?  The CAN-SPAM act is something you need to […]

Small Business Twitter 101

Let’s talk Tweeting! Now it’s time to talk “tweeting” on the social platform that revolutionized the way we get information: Twitter. This is the fourth in our blog series on […]

Small Business LinkedIn [3 of 5]

Hopefully you are following along with our series on social media for small business. Today the topic is LinkedIn. If you’ve been in the business world you are probably familiar […]

Small Business Facebook 101 [2 of 5]

Today our topic is Small Business Facebook pages and it’s the second blog in our social media for small business series. Love it or hate it, Facebook is here and […]

Social Media Best Practices [1 of 5]

If you are new to marketing, social media can seem like a huge mountain to climb. Getting started with social is super easy, so we’ve compiled this primer on what […]

Pick Your File Type

So many file types, what do you do! There are so many different image formats out there. Some formats are better for print, while others are perfect for the web. […]