Always Striving to Give More to Our Graduates

Always Striving to Give More to Our Graduates

What Are Some Examples of After-Training Deliverables?

You might already know that after training and after we launch your business with you, we provide ongoing training, education, and support at no additional cost. And, clearly there’s always more to learn, share, and include in your agency’s repertoire of knowledge and deliverables.

We are always adding more and improving on what is already working. A couple of examples include:

A Grad-only eBook: Simplify

This eBook is hot off the presses. It went out to all of our grads and it is chock-full of additional ways to simplify the often-confusing digital marketing topics that are discussed with business owners during the sales process.

marketing eBook

An Updated Proposal Template (completely editable and shareable online (‘in the cloud)).

Not only did we solve a common problem (varying versions of MS Word and/or formatting issues when sharing between Mac & PC), we added a comprehensive addendum: case studies, design examples, team accomplishments, and more).

digital marketing proposal templates

We would be honored to share the same with you after we help you launch your own lucrative digital agency (with our team doing all the hard marketing work for you and your clients!). Take a moment and fill out our no-obligation, no hard sell contact form. Our VP of Enrollment, Eric, would be happy to speak with your personally and answer every question and more!

Get started right here. We’ll see you in class!

Are There Enough Potential Clients in the U.S. for My Agency to Be Financially Successful?

Are There Enough Potential Clients in the U.S. for My Agency to Be Financially Successful?

Are There Enough Potential Clients in the U.S. for My Agency to Be Financially Successful?

Absolutely. We’ve broken out the number of potential clients/businesses (in the United States) that a marketing agency could prospect, pitch, and sell working campaigns to:

QUESTION: How Many Small Businesses Need Marketing in the U.S.?

Current research suggests that 50% of small businesses in the U.S. lack a working marketing plan.


QUESTION: How Many Small Businesses Are There in the U.S.?

There are roughly 30.2 million small businesses in the U.S. (they account for 99% of all businesses in the U.S.


QUESTION: If 50% of those small businesses lack a working marketing plan, how many target businesses is that?

The above stats result in about 15.1 million small businesses that need digital marketing services.


QUESTION: How many marketing and advertising agencies are in the U.S.?

Some estimates put the number of marketing/advertising agencies at about 17,000.


QUESTION: How many target small businesses does that mean for each agency?

If we do some math and divide the number of small businesses lacking a working marketing plan by the number of agencies, we get roughly 888 viable target businesses and campaigns.


QUESTION: Does that mean the other 50% of businesses don’t need marketing?

Absolutely not. Just because the other 15.1 million businesses have some sort of marketing plan, that stat does not account for poorly implemented campaigns or campaigns that have gaps that an agency can fill.


QUESTION: What does all of this mean?

Simply put, there is almost an endless supply of small businesses to approach and pitch marketing and advertising services in order to grow and sustain an agency.