New Partnership: SEMRush

New Partnership: SEMRush

SEMrush is an all-in-one tool suite for improving online visibility. Our tools and reports the following digital marketing services:

  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • PPC (pay-per-click advertising)
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Content Marketing
  • and more!

We often use this tool in our DMTG Training classes. A common question is, “Do we get access?”

Since SEMRush is an industry standard tool (often at the top of best tool lists) and since we use it here every day, we’ve negotiated with SEMRush and they’ve become the newest tool partner with us (and now you!).

All grads are now able to receive 25% off any annual (paid annually) plan. And that’s not all — your exclusive paid subscription through the DMTG partnership also gets you (free) 1-on-1 SEMRush Toolbox Training directly with SEMRush.

But, you don’t necessary have to commit right away (and the tool isn’t required for your success, it’s there for those who want to run their own analyses, create branded SEO audit reports, and so much more). SEMRush is willing to give all DMTG grads a FREE 2-week trial to try it out.

Marketing That Really Means Something: The 4 Ps

Marketing That Really Means Something: The 4 Ps

We have all been hearing about the 4 Ps of marketing, haven’t you? No? Well, as a reminder, the 4 Ps are: they are acronyms for Product, Place, Pricing and Promotion.

These terms are referring to the biggest of the business decisions which marketers have to make when they are bringing a new service or a product to market.

These decisions are the real soul of a good marketing plan for any given business.

As an owner of a business who is working on answering such questions, you may tend to feel that the answers primarily revolve around the product that you are offering, your brand or your competitors.

This cannot be further from the truth.

To determine your four Ps, try to imagine your business as a planet and look at your targeted audience as the sun. All your business operations, the decisions you make, and the promotions you run all revolve around how your audience behaves.

And while you have centered the efforts of your marketing around the targeted audience, you have a better opportunity to be heard, to be seen and to be understood.

But how would you ensure that the marketing activities being carried out are really getting noticed and engaged with by your target audience?

planning your marketing as a business owner

Let’s break it down:


To define your targeted audience is perhaps the biggest and the most important step.

While the process of nailing down your targeted audience is important, it is hardly the ultimate step of the whole process, conducting all this research and not applying it to the business will be a huge waste of energy and time.

And, time is the most important resource for us all — and we just cannot afford to waste time.


So you have nailed down your target audience. You now know exactly who you are marketing to and who you are selling to. Great!

Let’s now talk about how you will be applying all this research in the context of your business.


As with most entrepreneurs, their minds are always busy with the ideas and improvements regarding how they can improve their own lives and at the same time, others; lives too.

We bet that such ideas must have worked as a catalyst when you started your present business – or maybe the business that you are looking to start. But in all this clutter, how will your target audience fit in this overall plan?

The audience that you’re targeting should be playing a vital role as part of the business right from the first day. Some business owners tend to think that their targeted audience is not important for their strategy until the service or the product has been conceptualized, but that is not true.

marketing ideas


This part of the marketing plan may be found to be the hardest for you to get away from.
As you are dealing with the cost and the market price related to your service or product, it’s important that you ensure that your pricing decisions are inspired by a very deep understanding that you have of your targeted audience and your competition.


The place of your business, in this case, is referring to the physical location. A lot of business owners, when they launch their company, just go ahead and get any property that is available in the market.

You should choose your position in the market by considering narrowed down options and you should be intentional in your choice based on your audience and competition. This is done so so that you end up at a place that resonates with everyone who would be coming to your location to make a purchase. Or, if it’s a service area — make sure your service actually serves a need in that area.


Promotion happens to be what most individuals start thinking about whenever they think of any kind of marketing/advertising.

Promotion is the advertising/marketing section of the marketing plan itself — it relates to what, where, and how you will be sharing your business message or your brand with the target audience.


Just think about it – if you really wanted to start a new business, you will need to know what you are going to sell (product), what its situation in the market would is (place), how much are you going to charge for it (price) and how would you go about promoting it (promotion).

Here’s Why You Should Be Active On Your Personal LinkedIn

Here’s Why You Should Be Active On Your Personal LinkedIn

When it comes to social media in business, we find that many only believe it is necessary to post and engage on their business pages, but this is simply not true. There are many reasons as to why branding oneself as a business owner is important, and we’ve compiled the top three that we believe you should not ignore.

Reputation Management

Your LinkedIn profile is your online reputation, your digital resume, and your virtual footprint. When building your profile, it is imperative that you remain honest, consistent, and strategic, utilizing industry-specific language. Highlighting experiences and accomplishments, as well as sharing informative and engaging content will also aid in managing your professional reputation.

Establish Credibility

Through skill endorsements and pulse articles, LinkedIn is an excellent way to establish yourself as an expert in your field. The idea of becoming credible works hand-in-hand with what you’ve posted and that helps to manage your reputation. For example, if you write in your LinkedIn summary that you have 15 years of experience in human resources, you have the ability to validate that statement by publishing an article on your page about talent recruiting that showcases that knowledge. Similarly, if you decide that “leadership” is one of your skills, your connections will be able to endorse that skill, allowing the element of social proof to come into play.


LinkedIn has evolved into a platform that goes far beyond “connecting with people you know,” or finding a job. LinkedIn has become a way for professionals and business owners to virtually network with anyone, from any industry, from anywhere.

LinkedIn allows you to search for professional individuals in any specific niche, and instantly send them a connection request followed up by a message, opening the door to a phone conversation which can quickly turn into a referral partnership. 

Using LinkedIn as a networking tool about three times per week will not only increase your connections, but may increase your number of referral sources as well.

What Is Digital Marketing Training?

What Is Digital Marketing Training?

What Is Digital Marketing Training?

This is a loaded question and the answer depends on the level of experience one has and/or what the individual’s goals are.

For example, a small business owner may be looking for some digital marketing training and insight in order to compete better in their locality; or of that matter, a business owner with a business of practically any size might look to digital marketing training to become more competitive.

Then again, a professional marketer with experience in a discipline such as SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, etc. may want further training/education in their discipline or they may want to become a full-stack marketer.

College students in a marketing program may seek digital marketing training in order to augment their current studies.

What Is Digital Marketing Training at The Digital Marketing Training Group?

The answer to the original question means some of the above, in some respects, for for us, it’s that and so much more.

In fact, we don’t simply offer marketing training and/or educational classes and lessons.

Our digital marketing training program is designed so that you don’t have to have prior tech or marketing experience to run your own digital marketing business. In fact, after coming through our training, you simply find clients and our back office team can fulfill all of the marketing activities and campaigns for you — at a true wholesale cost.

In our training, we will go in depth regarding how to effectively do just that during our training program. You will then have two options to execute the work that needs to be done for your clients’ success. Either option provides all the heavy lifting; allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Option 1 for campaign fulfillment: Our In House White Label Team: Use our expert back-end white-label team which becomes an extension of your business; offering you true wholesale pricing and allowing you a 40% to 100% margin for profit. All the while, maintaining a competitive cost for your client.

Our expert, professional marketing geniuses will do all the work to generate measurable results for your clients under your company name while preserving your branding identity. With our white label in house team, your digital marketing business will be able to offer more value for less money, which is the perfect recipe to win business – time and time again.

Option 2 for campaign fulfillment: Our Hand Selected Vendor Market Place: We like you to have the most flexibility with your business so we have carefully assembled vendors from some of the nation’s top white label companies that specialize in various digital marketing products and services. We have negotiated special pricing so that if you choose to use any company in our marketplace, you will get the best wholesale pricing. The important thing to realize is that we give you options to get quality work done for your clients. And, you will actually meet some of these vendors in training.

Curious? Interested? Want to learn more? See our digital marketing training program overview and then give us a shout, we’d be happy to hop on a call with you TODAY (518-694-4044).