July 2018 | Digital Marketing Training Group

Small Business Twitter 101

Let’s talk Tweeting! Now it’s time to talk “tweeting” on the social platform that revolutionized the way we get information: Twitter. This is the fourth in our blog series on […]

Google Is Sharing The Love — Offline!

We take reviews seriously…so does our partner, Google. So, when the mail arrived at the office today and we had a package from Google, we were doubly surprised to find […]

Small Business LinkedIn [3 of 5]

Hopefully you are following along with our series on social media for small business. Today the topic is LinkedIn. If you’ve been in the business world you are probably familiar […]

Small Business Facebook 101 [2 of 5]

Today our topic is Small Business Facebook pages and it’s the second blog in our social media for small business series. Love it or hate it, Facebook is here and […]

What's Your Sales Cycle?

What’s Your Sales Cycle, Baby?

“It’s not about having the right opportunities. It’s about handling the opportunities right.” -Mark Hunter It’s important to remember that every sales cycle differs, depending on your sales person and […]

Social Media Best Practices [1 of 5]

If you are new to marketing, social media can seem like a huge mountain to climb. Getting started with social is super easy, so we’ve compiled this primer on what […]

Pick Your File Type

So many file types, what do you do! There are so many different image formats out there. Some formats are better for print, while others are perfect for the web. […]