Meet the Team: Christina Green

We’d like to introduce Christina Green the executive assistant for Digital Marketing Training Group for our employee highlight this month. We’d be lost without Christina.

  • Tell us a little bit about you: 
    • I like baking cupcakes – I am a cupcake extraordinaire and dogs. I also live for stationary and dogs. I’m really organized. I also really like dogs.
  • What do you do at DMTG?
    • I coordinate and help onboard all of the students and classes. I make sure everything runs smoothly and I take care of all the students who come through our door.
  • How long have you been with the company?
    • It will be 2 years this month.
  • Most challenging aspect of the job?
    • Prioritizing tasks and people’s needs.
  • Favorite aspect of the job?
    • Seeing our students come through and being successful in their careers.
  • What is one thing you wish people knew about your job?
    • I make it look easy, but it’s not. With a smile 🙂
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Joe Schaefer
Marketing Director at Digital Marketing Training Group
Joe Schaefer is the Marketing Director at Digital Marketing Training Group. Digital Marketing Training Group offers a business opportunity for entrepreneurs that launches a fully-functioning digital marketing agency with full support and a team of white label, professional marketers who perform the heavy-lifting when it comes to implementing modern, forward-thinking, working digital marketing strategies. Apart from being simply the Marketing Director, Joe Schaefer is also the lead instructor of the 5-day, in-person digital marketing training that precedes the launch of an individual's digital agency.

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