June 2018 | Digital Marketing Training Group

How to Start Becoming a Content Creation Machine For Effective Marketing

To do content marketing successfully, you have to pump out a great deal of content. You have to become a ‘content creation machine,’ producing original, interesting, and relevant content that’s […]

Carve out Time to Learn

The downfall of many is that there is never enough time in the day to do everything we’d like to do. Learning a new skill, like digital marketing, can be […]

Let’s Get Social… Proof

What is Social Proof? Ever asked your friends their opinion on a product, store or restaurant before you went out and bought, visited or ate there? You’ve used social proof […]

5 Business Development Books to Read Now

Professional development is always a great idea; mainly because without it, your business and/or your professional growth can become stagnant. Many people become entrenched in ideas or beliefs and they […]

Meet the Team: Christina Green

We’d like to introduce Christina Green the executive assistant for Digital Marketing Training Group for our employee highlight this month. We’d be lost without Christina. Tell us a little bit […]

Crazy about Content 101

At this point we’re all aware that we need content to build out a marketing strategy behind. Besides, without content, what good is the Internet? If you’re confused or unsure […]

Dude, What’s an Invoice?

You’ve made your first sale and it’s time to get paid. That means it’s time to invoice the client. What exactly does that mean? You know you need to send […]

Free Invoicing Software for Small Business

Building your business can be hard work and we all no success is no accident. You need to consider early on is how you will not only invoice clients, but […]