How To Sell A Website Proposal By Selling Value, Not Pixels

When it comes to selling website design and development, it isn’t so much about selling a businesses owner something that can seem intangible, rather, it’s most important to sell the VALUE of a website.

Think about yourself, when you make a purchase — you strongly consider the value as a large part of your buying decision(s).

Often, for smaller, locally-based businesses, cash flow can be tight. The challenge, however is selling the long-term value that the website will return — so it is not about the cost, rather it’s about the INVESTMENT.

What Value Can a Website Bring to a Local Business?

  • A business is available on a 24/7 basis
  • Business owners have the chance to shape their image exactly how they want
  • Customer behavior online is tracked and analyzed for better service & products
  • Advertising/Exposure online is how the majority of potential customers find businesses
  • A website in a particular niche can be defensive against competitors who are already online
  • Show How Communication with Customers Will Improve
  • Describe How Customer Service Can Improve
  • Explain How Some People Like to Use the Phone Where Others Prefer Email
  • Show How A Well-Designed Website Can Create Instant Credibility & Authority
  • Remind Business Owners That First Impressions Count
  • Demonstrate How NOT Having a Website Can Mean Lost Business
  • Through Research, Show Business Owners How They Can Reach a Larger Audience

Top-Level Strategies for Effective Proposal Persuasion

Most people react to the problem/solution model. You present their problems (pain points) and you also present that you are the viable solution.

  • Research & Compose a Meaningful Problem Statement
  • Present a Rock-Solid Solution
  • Use Proof (your experience and examples) of Skills
  • Provide Fair Pricing Models
  • Match The Complexity of the Proposal to That of The Problem/Project (don’t confuse people)
  • Be Fair & Honest to Budget Expectations
  • Be Clear About Deliverables
  • Be Clear & Honest About Launch Dates
  • Prove You’ll Match The Design To Their Brand and Needs
  • Outline All Costs On Your End
  • List and Describe All Integrations Needed
  • Outline Your Process, Capabilities, Fee Structure, Team Bios

There are nuances that go into each of the above bullet points, that which we cover in our monthly in-person trainings; but over all, this is a good starting point for anyone who wishes to get better at making sales for websites from the $5k to the $10k and $20k ranges. Be sure to check out more of our blog posts, we love to share our insights and hope to be able to help more agency owners, salespeople, and freelancers.


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