What Aspects Make a Brand, Well, a BRAND?

We can get an idea of what a brand is by looking at the multiple different aspects that combine to create said brand(s).

In this case, we’re mainly focusing on how to create a brand online, so we’ll look predominantly at some of the aspects that make a brand on the web in particular.

Aspects of a brand then include:

• Your logo

• Your color scheme (which will likely be dictated by your logo)

• Your website and web design (again, dictated by your logo most likely, as well as your industry/niche)

• Your advertising (which will feature your logo)

• A jingle (potentially, though not necessarily)

• A ‘tagline’ (optional)

• A mascot (definitely optional)

• Your products (which should have a consistent design language that makes them look similar)

• Your services (which should have a predictability that makes them reliable and consistent)

• Your content (if you are using content marketing)

• Your social media accounts

• Your ‘mission statement’ (the end goal of your business)

• Your values

• Your pervasive style

• Your attitude

As you can see then, a brand is actually many things and certainly not just a matter of creating a fancy logo. Your mission statement and values are particularly important to consider and will inform everything else you do. Ultimately, it will be your values that result in products that are a certain standard and this is what will make your customers want to deal with your business again.

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