Content Creation: How to Find Your Voice

When reading content written by someone who knows how to write in their own voice you will notice something special about the tone of the content. You will be able to feel the passion, self-expression and the clarity in what they are trying to convey.

People are moved reading articles, listening to audio or watching videos by those who write or speak with their unique voice. What most people fail to see is that those people put in a lot of effort and work to find that voice and it doesn’t come naturally.

As a content marketer, you might be wondering how to find your voice. Well here are a few ways that are to help you.

It’s important to find a topic you are passionate about. This will help your unique voice shine through. If you are into knitting, don’t force yourself to write or talk about network marketing.

Think about a topic that you could go on and on about for hours. Think about what you would still go on talking about even if you’re not getting paid for it.

It should be about something that gets your adrenaline pumping just by talking about it.

We understand that passion cannot be a career for everyone but you’ll be surprised to know that a good number of people are able to make money from the things they are most passionate about.
Let your passion be the starting point of finding your voice.

Self Expression
Express yourself. You have an opinion so be bold and state that opinion. This is not a time to be politically correct. Speaking from your heart might turn some people off, but it will attract your raving fans and those you want to attract. Some people will love you and others will hate you but so what. You are speaking to your target market not everyone in the world. This is how true followings are built. You might not be able to build something if you are always trying to please everyone. Be natural, casual but self-expressed with the passion that you have.

There is a big difference between content that is created for the sake of content and content that is created for impact. People can definitely tell the difference. When you create your content, try asking yourself two important questions: Who would I like to help with this content? How much impact will this content make in someone else’s life?

The intensity of really wanting to help people will be felt through your writing, your content, your voice. And this feeling will create loyalty among your audience.

People can’t just point to you or your voice and tell you whether you’re good at it or not. Your voice is your content’s vibe. It’s how you present everything that you ever wanted to say. A great voice creates that sense of loyalty, creating followers and a community. A weak voice will send people away from your content.

Your voice isn’t “one thing” that people can point to and say whether it’s good or not. It’s more about the overall vibe of your content and how everything is presented.

Finding your voice does not happen overnight. It will take some time and patience, but you will find it if you practice the things mentioned above on a regular basis.

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