Spying on the Competition in 2017: SEO Keyword Tools Roundup

Targeting the right keywords is a fundamental part of your SEO efforts. Growing your keyword list should be a focus in your SEO. Knowing which keywords your competition is ranking for and how they are using those keywords is a great place to start with your own efforts. Fortunately, there are tools that will allow you to spy on what keywords your competitors are currently using and which keywords have worked well in the past.


SEMrush has a keyword tool that will allow you to spy on your competition and discover not only what keywords they are ranking for organically, but what keywords they are targeting through paid advertising as well. Since the keywords for organic search do not perform the same as keywords targeted for advertising, this is valuable information.

SEMrush gives detailed analytic information on all keywords returned in its search. There are three monthly subscription rates: Pro ($69.95), Guru ($149.95), and Business ($549.95).


Not only is SpyFu able to return all the keywords your competition currently ranks for and the keywords they are currently targeting in paid advertising, but they return every organic rank and ad variation for the past nine years.

Knowing what keywords your competition is currently using is very helpful, but knowing which keywords they have ranked for and targeted over the past nine years is extremely beneficial.

SpyFu offers in-depth SEO reports for your keywords as well. There are three monthly subscription rates: Basic ($79), Professional ($139), and Agency ($999).


Similar to the other two keyword tools, KeywordSpy returns a report and analysis of your competitor’s keywords and how they are ranking. But the depth of detail KeywordSpy returns is greater than the other two keyword tools.

KeywordSpy also gives useful details for pay-per-click campaigns, such as the per click cost for each keyword, how many clicks you could expect, the daily cost and other detailed statistics.

KeywordSpy has four monthly subscription rates: Research ($89.95), Tracking ($89.95), Professional ($139.95), and Agency & Enterprise ($995 and up).

Keyword research is a vital and on-going part of any SEO strategy and having the right tools in place makes any job a little easier. These three keyword tools, while subscription based, can save you even more in the time, effort, and expense of targeting the wrong keywords or underperforming keywords. These are tools that should be in your SEO tool belt.

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