February 2017 | Digital Marketing Training Group

Why Hire a Professional Web Designer?

Many people are tempted to use a bargain-basement designer, but the saying is true “If it’s cheap, you’ll probably pay twice.” So when it comes to hiring a web designer, […]

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Expert Web Design Breeds Success: Sending Strong Signals

A positive, working experience on your website will lead to happy visitors. Promoting ease-of-use, brand retention, positive brand awareness, brand spread, and appeal will ensure repeat visits. Your design will […]

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Signals vs. Noise: Deliver on an Expectation

Strong websites deliver on an expectation, while being reinforced by the experience. Having a good website experience is satisfying and memorable. Isn’t that what you want for your visitors? People […]

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Beginner Analytics for Business Owners: 3 Steps to Success with Google Analytics

You monitor your website’s analytics, but the real problem is now what do you do with the data? Follow this three-step plan to make the most of your site’s analytics. […]

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): What to Focus on in 2017

There are always huge changes in digital marketing. 2016 had no shortages of changes. Sometimes, those changes come in the form of redefining how, what, when, where, and why. And, […]

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Spying on the Competition in 2017: SEO Keyword Tools Roundup

Targeting the right keywords is a fundamental part of your SEO efforts. Growing your keyword list should be a focus in your SEO. Knowing which keywords your competition is ranking […]